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Precision Engineering
Meets Dental Implantology

Born from the aerospace, aeronautical and automotive industries,
Ditron Dental USA is the first of its kind doctor-driven dental implant company
dedicated to driving successful outcomes through precision implant technology.


A simple, streamlined catalog featuring one universally sized platform for fewer steps and reduced inventory.


Designed by doctors, for doctors to deliver predictable results and unparalleled patient satisfaction.

Surgical Kits & Instruments

Built with state-of-the-art precision, each kit intuitively designed with the clinician’s needs in mind.

“Our success is not measured by how many implants we sell. It’s measured by how well we enable the success of our clinicians.”

Dr. Ole T. Jensen, DDS MS
Founder, Ditron Dental USA

“It is delightful to have such simplicity with the Ditron system. My assistants are overjoyed with the ease of setting up their operatories for Ditron restorative procedures.”

Betty D. Klement, D.M.D

“The accuracy of this implant allows us to minimize the chances for failure.”

Bernee Dunson, DDS

“Ditron Dental USA. For those who haven’t heard about it, stay tuned because you’re going to.”

Edward Sevetz, DMD


More than 50 years in the Making


Ditron Precision, Ltd. begins manufacturing to tolerances of less than 3 microns


Ditron Dental, a subsidiary of Ditron Precision, Ltd. is formed to create the world’s most precisely built implant system


Industry Pioneer Professor Matteo Danza and Ditron Dental partner to launch the ULTIMATETM Precision Implant


Dr. Ole T. Jensen introduces Ditron Dental’s technology to North America as Ditron Dental USA

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