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One-Piece Implant

The OPI™ One-Piece Dental Implant provides excellent initial stability. It is recommended for narrow ridges and tight interproximal spaces. OPI™ has an integral abutment designed for a one-stage surgical procedure and immediate load. The beveled collar promotes soft-tissue growth and helps to prevent bone resorption.

Integrated Restorative Abutment

Polished titanium abutment

Beveled collar generates a favorable environment for soft-tissue growth and bone preservation.

Optimal for immediate function.

Key Design Features 

Self tapping one-piece implant with an integrated abutment designed for one stage surgical procedures and cemented restorations.

Designed for narrow ridges and solves tight spacing problems.

Ideal replacement for missing maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors.

Narrow Apex Design

The apex has self-tapping drilling blades that enable a smaller osteotomy.

Supports a precise adaptation of the dental implant thread to the bone, providing optimal primary stability.

Allows an improved ease of insertion with directional adjustments possible during the initial insertion stages.


Ditron Dental USA provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied instructions for use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.

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