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And instruments

Designed with the clinician’s needs in mind. Our full line of surgical solutions provides everything you need at your fingertips. From our full surgical kit to our innovative Surgical TubeTM, our full line of kits offer Efficiency, ergonomics, and aesthetics all in one.


The Drill Stopper Tube, or “D-TUBE” allows the clinician to experience both precision and safety through a unique and patented design. 

Simply open the length size segment you need and follow the drill protocol. Each segment has an integral measurement gage to ensure the correct drill length.

The base serves as a holder for Drills and other surgical instruments while the top cover can be used to hold used drills during the dental implant surgery.

Drill Stopper Kit

The Full Drill Stopper Kit is designed to streamline the drilling process. Each drill contains an Integral Stopper that prevents over-drilling and possible drill depth errors.

The kit contains a separate drill for each diameter and length of dental implant. All drills are externally irrigated, intended for multiple use and are color-coded.

Surgical Kit

The Surgical Kit is designed for all dental implant procedures. The kit contains sockets for the Drills, Drivers, Ratchet Wrench and spare sockets for any extra instruments required by the clinician. 

The kit includes color coded external irrigation drills for a safe procedure. All instruments included in the kit are also sold separately, making for easy replacement.

Mini Surgical Kit

The Mini Surgical Kit has a compact and efficient design for a complete range of dental implant procedures. 

The kit includes color coded External Irrigation Drills for a safe procedure. The Instruments are also sold separately.

Surgical TubeTM

Proprietary patent pending surgical tube which delivers all your surgical essentials at the palm of your hand.

This autoclavable aerospace grade stainless-steel tray has 3 parts:

  • Cover tray/lid
  • Mid-tray with ratchet wrench and 7 silicon inlets securely hold additional drills and tools
  • Base to be used as a Depan-Dish


Our Implant Insertion Instruments are specifically designed to ensure secure dental implant placement in the dental implant site with easy release of the instrument to reduce trauma. All instruments include a clear visual indication of the hexagonal location of the dental implant.

The Restorative Instruments are similarly designed for the placement of an impression coping or final abutment.  

There are both hand, motor, and rachet instruments available depending on your needs.


Ditron Dental USA provides a lifetime warranty for all its dental implants and prosthetic components when used in accordance with the supplied instructions or Use (IFU) and the company’s protocols.

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